Heart for Earth store

At the end of 2022, the organic store/web store HART voor AARDE was located in farm de Braamstruik on Voorthuizerweg in Nijkerk. The old corrugated barn adjoining the reception area and offices of DID-IT had been converted into an organic store and web supermarket by Martin and Rolanda van den Heuvel. Martin and Rolanda have been a family since the late 1990s, and their daughter is happy to contribute to the initiative including publicity for Heart for Earth.

Rolanda and Martin's preference has always been for animal welfare, healthy and environmentally friendly food and living. Martin had gained a lot of knowledge from organic farmer Gerrit Marsman, the first Eko farm in Marknesse, during his apprenticeship at the Agricultural Secondary School. Via various detours and a visit to the Biobeurs in Zwolle, they came up with the idea of a Biotruck, the concept of the former SRV-truck, the grocery store that came by with every conceivable food, drink and other household product, but only organic and sustainable products.

Because organic was still difficult to obtain in the area or directly from the farmer, the idea was to go to the people. By distributing leaflets and calling potential customers, a regular clientele arose for the Biotruck, including the Braam family. Being able to explain a different way of shopping and knowing the origin of the food for which the farmer gets a fair price. The contact with customers was satisfying, working with good food as a basis, and working with enthusiasm and pleasure.

the bio-truck was a lot of work and did not produce enough. While looking for a solution, one of the regular customers, Poppe Braam, came up with the proposal to set up an organic (web) store at DID-IT in the cowshed. That idea was embraced by Rolanda and Martin and by the end of 2022 the renovation was a fact after which the festive opening of Hart voorAarde took place on December 16. In 2023 the store was certified by Skal as an organic store

Hart voorAarde
Since then Rolanda can usually be found in the old stable which has since been tastefully decorated with all organic dry goods, fresh products and a reading table to have a chat or peruse a magazine. Martin combines the store activity with taking care of the bulls at the Jersey calves project of DID-IT. and the roosters and hens ofDe Geluksvogel. In addition, it is still possible to place an order at Hart voor Aarde, which is delivered to your home by Martin.

On the farm a vegetable garden is being laid out from which vegetables may soon be delivered directly to Hart voor Aarde. It will then be even more of a pleasure to shop in an environment with enthusiastic people and a rural view of plants and animals growing and being raised in the most natural way.
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