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BD chicken‍

In the past, organic chickens still arose from conventional parent stock fed organic feed and raised according to organic standards. Andreas and others with him didn't think that was right and he decided to combine old breeds in a breeding program to get genetic diversity to breed his own BD chicken. He was able to dispose of the breeding trees on the Hagheweyde estate in Warmond, which previously housed Warmonderhof pigs.


The 1985 meeting determined what the breeding goals were, especially good organic laying hens. This was not yet the case, the idea was to breed two strains and have some requirements in terms of feed, broodiness, egg color and quality, health and vitality (outdoor chicken). Double-purpose chickens that could sustain themselves. Some years later we received advice from Prof. Dr. Maarten Frankenhuis, then director of the Poultry Health Service in Doorn. That gave breeding a good impulse.


In 1990 Rien van den Berg received hatching eggs from Andreas' Hagheweyders. This later turned out to have been a good move by Andreas when dogs and foxes decimated the tribe at Kraaybeekerhof. Rien had released the chickens at various places in the immediate area, including De Wederkerigheid, and elsewhere in the Netherlands. With the help of those animals, the Hagheweyder tribe was rebuilt.

Genetic diversity

In 2015, breeding objectives will be updated. And constant consideration is given to genetic diversity when incrossing other breeds and selecting breeding animals. Over the years, following Andreas, there has been a lot of experimentation with animals of different breeds. The incrossing of Marans has led to a number of black-copper necked animals, and variants thereof.

The sequel

A follow-up initiative will take place in August 2021 at farm De Braamstruik where Hans Meijer, Poppe Braam, Willem van Wijk, and others will talk about the desirable characteristics of the Hagheweyder with which good results are being achieved in the meantime. In October there is a cockmeat tasting at De Braamstruik with more than 20 participants, an introduction by Poppe Braam and an explanation by Hans Meijer and Hubert Cremer of Biomühle who makes special herb mixtures for the laying meal.


By now it is summer 2023 and there are about 200 Hagheweyders scattered around the country with cooperating breeders. The color variety partridge is favored and other color varieties are being experimented with as well. At farm de Braamstruik, 12 chicken keepers of Hagheweyders meet to exchange experiences.

Hagheweyder chickens are still plenty of breeders' favorites as a beautiful colorful organic chicken.