From NatureBioFoods India to AmruRice Cambodia

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March marked Nature Bio Foods' 30th anniversary. The foundation of the NBF company is in India, where more than 60,000 organic farmers grow rice and other organic products on nearly 100,000 hect.

NBF is an organic branch born out of LT Foods, an Indian family-owned company supplying rice and rice products worldwide.

DID-IT's Poppe Braam, consultant and board commissioner, traveled with CEO Rohan Grover to NBF's home base in India.

There, the 30th anniversary was celebrated with all divisions of Nature Bio Foods.

There was also the farewell of CEO Oberoi who is at the foundation of Nature Bio Foods and is now retiring at the age of 80.


After the celebration and farewell, Rohan and Poppe traveled on to Cambodia to visit Saran Song of the Amru Rice company for a possible collaboration.

First was a visit by bicycle to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, a unique ancient temple complex from the 12th century, the largest religious monument in the world. A day was set aside for that.

In addition to rice and rice products, Amru supplies palm sugar from the Palmyra Palm, organic and sustainable. Notches are made in the petal and the sugar juice is collected in bamboo boilers. In doing so, it is not at the expense of the fruit (coconuts).

At Amru Rice, the trees planted in 2016 by Poppe Braam, Frouwkje and Saran were inspected as part of an annual tree-planting day initiated by Poppe.